London, a magnificent metropolis and one of the world’s most distinctive, greatest, grandest cities, is every kind of traveler's dream come true. London is a powerful blend of many different cultures, music, art and design scenes. The quirkiness and English eccentricity of this glamorous yet historically rich city keeps all kinds of visitors in awe. And when there are hotels that let you experience a little piece of history and luxury right in the center of London, how can you pass that up? The entrance lobby of this hotel is lit up with a glorious chandelier, looks out onto views of the bustling Soho area through two tall windows, and has chairs inspired by sea shells.
The Courthouse Hotel London is located at 19 – 21 Great Marlborough St, Soho, London W1F 7HL, UK, right in the middle of London’s famous Soho neighborhood. Set in a former courthouse and police station built in the 1800s, this quirky yet fetching 5-star hotel not only offers an intriguing history but beguiling design too. The location is one of London's most popular areas since the 1960s for those wanting to grab a coffee, eat a hearty meal, sip on a beer, indulge in some serious shopping, hang with some friends post work or party the night away. Lined with endless cafés, restaurants, markets and wandering chic travelers, the uber cool Carnaby Street, Kingly Court, and Liberty London is just across the street.
Situated in an old Grade II Listed Magistrates Court, the old courthouse still retains most of the intriguing original features such as the main courtroom which has now been turned into an elegant restaurant, Silk. Silk draws on historical references and is the hotel’s destination restaurant as well as its architectural focal point. Enjoying the ambience of what used to be the old Number One court, guests can enjoy delightful Asian fusion cuisine amidst the Judge’s bench, witness stand and dock
Intriguingly enough, even the prison cells which once held famous faces such as Oscar Wilde, John Lennon  and Mick Jagger are now converted into enclosed tables of their famous prison-themed bar, finished with spunky art on the walls and contemporary furnishings. This cool bar even has a jail-themed cocktail menu! The Courthouse Hotel London also houses Soho Wala, a colorful Indian restaurant, I did dine here and the food was absolutely delightful!
Out in the lobby too the hotel is adorned with dark wood-panelled walls, chain-like light fixtures, brightly colored couches, plush chairs and elegant art featuring Audrey Hepburn. The design speaks highly of how well they have retained the original heritage with a modern twist. 
The room I was in was simple but sophisticated. I'll be honest here, I know I'm spoilt for choice and that I'm used to luxurious stays now, and when it comes to rooms I'll say I've seen the smallest of spaces turned into much classier chambers. However, this was certainly comfortable and neat with cozy beds, a pretty little window to sit and sip coffee on, and really really amazing and warm hospitality. They helped me with steam-ironed clothes, and I kid you not, I needed almost all my clothes to be ironed out in just an hour; and a pretty little fruit basket with wine and macaroons, yummy!
The hotel also boasts of housing the renowned Toy Roof bar right at the hotel’s rooftop bar. With lovely views of Carnaby Street below, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long day, or start off your evening out with the friends. They also have a spa and a private cinema, a bowling alley, a neat indoor pool and a gym. Need I say more? 
If your ideal stay is all about elite luxury, then this place isn't going to be anything close to opulent, but if you're in for an adventure and want to experience old-school luxury with a whole lot of history, then don't miss out on this one for sure. With Carnaby Street and Kingly court right across the street, I'd say this location is the coolest spot for travelers who love being out and about.