Needless to say, London's the kind of place that makes you fall in love so deep, you could visit again and again and yet you would always find something new to discover. With a sizable and diverse mix of area ranging from ultra-cool to expensive to up-and-coming, and a long-ranging royal history, England's capital offers a great deal of unique attractions to new and returning visitors alike. London in winters has a very unique appeal. Although the weather gets cold and the days short, the city exudes a different charm, of beautifully lit streets, Christmas trees everywhere you go, warm cider, and cozy pubs with an unparalleled festive spirit, and happy faces from all over the world! I have a very intense love and appreciation for London during Christmas. The winter chill, lashings of mulled wine and, of course, the London Christmas markets that are dotted all around
I checked into the all-new, super posh property, The Moorgate - offering ultimately elite Luxury Serviced Apartments in the heart of The City of London. This stunning property is the newest member of the SACO London Apartments family that boasts of offering over 80,000 serviced apartments worldwide. I checked into the Superior Suite. The chic yet minimalist design gives the space an extra edge of elegance in the Superior Suites. Despite this being a new construction they tastefully retained some original features such as open fireplaces, windows and extra high ceilings. Add a faux fur throw to the elementary bed, deck up the corners of the bed and living area with some contemporary gold-brass lamps, add a dull gold glass cage partition between the bed and sitting area, add a vibrant floral painting with colors that blend effortlessly with the cushions on the couch and the tiny pouf against it, tastefully smear a shade of the ever sophisticated dusty rose in the chairs- and voila! We have ourselves an artistically, aesthetically and harmoniously designed suite. I was beyond impressed by the freshness of the decor!
The Moorgate offers 27 elegant suites and apartments to experience living within The Square Mile, a prestigious part of central London. The iconic neighbourhood of Moorgate takes its name from one of the original medieval gates of the city– considered to be the most beautiful and grand of its time. Today, Moorgate is a unique part of London and an important slice of English history. It is located within the Bank Conversation Area, known as the commercial heart of the City of London. The Moorgate claims to have taken all the comforts and flexibility of your own home and combined them with the very best of serviced apartment living, to create the perfect home away from home for discerning travellers – in an enviable part of town; but I'm here to add that it's a whole lot more than just a home away from home! While providing you with all the basic utilities and comforts of home, The Moorgate has switched up it's game and thrown in elements of sophisticated class and luxury to each unit and made the apartments and suites far more dreamier than expectations can draw them out to be.
Step out, and there's a charming list of places to see and things to do nearby. First I went to the Leadenhall Market. Leadenhall Market dates back to the 14th century and is situated in what was the centre of Roman London. Originally a meat, poultry and game market, it is now home to a number of boutique retailers, restaurants, cafes, wine bars and an award-winning pub. Starting as the site of a manor, Leadenhall has survived changes in use, rebuilding, and even the Great Fire to become a popular destination for city residents, visitors and workers. How could I miss exploring a place with history as rich as that? Leadenhall is a thriving Victorian covered retail centre with cobbled walkways, a spectacular glass roof, and a very famous list of visitors including John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Harry Potter. 
Covent Garden was my next adventure. Covent Garden is one of those areas in London that seems to equally attract visitors and Londoners alike. From indie shops, unique street performers, high-street chains and upmarket and specialist retailers. Covent Garden has it all. There are so many things to do in Covent Garden it’s hard to know where to start, but undoubtedly the best place to start your exploration of Covent Garden is at the famous piazza at the heart of the area, and next could be the cobbled pathways, abundance of alleys and courtyards to explore make the decision quite easy. This market is lined up with everything, from high-end boutique stores to independent stalls selling sophisticated handmade goods such as jewelry, unique soaps, watercolors and all sorts of unusual items. 

Another place I definitely had to go visit was the Hay's Galleria. A stunning property in the heart of London’s busy borough of Southwark, Hay’s Galleria offers an array of attractions for visitors to enjoy. The building is a mix of shops, offices, restaurants and several market stalls under the covered walkway. Named after its original owner Alexander Hay, the property was built in the 1600s and underwent a dramatic refurbishment in the 1980s into the grand and impressive building that is today. Would you believe that this building has survived multiple fires? Originally it was Hay's tea Wharf, where 80% of the UK's tea and other dry goods were unloaded. After the dock ceased trading, the wharf was left to fall into disrepair, but in 1987 the buildings were rescued and restored and the spectacular glass roof was added. Now the Galleria is an elegant shopping mall.
Honestly, it doesn’t matter which part of the city you're staying in, central or not, there’s a whole heap of London Christmas markets, stalls, lit up streets, and winter wonderlands for you to find everywhere you go. Walk out and around the curb and you'll find a Christmas paradise right there. Christmas turns London into Santa's own hometown, you'll see all those christmassy Disney movies flash right before your eyes! This time of the year, every inch of London is covered in bling. The bright and sparkling Christmas decorations, and the London Christmas Lights, instantly captivate everyone and have you smitten by the festive mood. walking through the vibrant streets becomes a Bucket List activity for the locals and tourists during Christmas time in London.