One trip- three ways of doing it. A Luxurious Getaway, Comfort Lover's Exploration, or The Thrill-Seeker's Trip. And between all this was a whole new romance to explore, one named LONDON.
A Luxurious Getaway-
Lush accomodation, relaxed expeditions, posh restaurants, bling nightlife- basically, we do all things fancy. I chose Grosvenor House Suites by Jumeirah Living. A slick, luxurious and comfortable base in London in a grand location. 
I was welcomed in style, two times a day, everyday! I walked into a living room set up with a beautiful set of personalised gifts for me- A Picnic Basket of London's finest Butter cookies, English Breakfast tea, scones, fresh strawberries, jams and marmalades, Cocoa dusted truffles and a personalised welcome note; A display of my cutest pictures printed out from instagram, A tray with an assortment of dry fruits and nuts, A lavish fruit basket laden with fresh best quality fruits; An assortment of delectable muffins that had my name on them in gold- literally! In the evening I received a jar of hot chocolate and cocoa topped with marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate bits and what not!! 
And if you thought that was all there was, the next day I received a tray of chocolate coated strawberries with gingerbread cookies and later a dispenser jar filled with strawberry martinis! Never have I ever felt so pampered and spoilt for choice before! 
Driving through a part of the magnificent Hyde Park to get to this beautiful hotel in London’s Mayfair is the best ride ever! The ground-floor lobby is cozy, and a lift takes you to the reception on the second floor, a pleasant space next to a lounge and an atrium lit up with warm fireplace displays. The hotel is on Park Lane, at the eastern end of Hyde Park, surrounded by Mayfair’s historic mansions, luxury shopping and other high-end hotels.
This relatively new hotel is inside a much older building which was designed by Edwin Lutyens and finished in 1918. It served as the London home of the Dukes of Westminster and Viscount Leverhulme before being converted into apartments. In 2011, it underwent a lavish conversion, before opening under Jumeirah in 2012. While the historic facade and exterior windows have been maintained, the interior is thoroughly modern and chic.
The bedrooms are warm and luxuriously finished, with designer bathrooms and elite living rooms. They come with full kitchens, dining and laundry facilities. Grand windows lining the walls and lacing the rooms with golden sunlight and views of the lush Hyde Park. Even my bath tub had a gorgeous window with the views of the park! This hotel literally had me living the life of the royals.

Since I was located right across the street from the lovely Hyde Park on my first two nights in London, I knew exactly where I needed to start my exploration. In a city made up of hundreds of grey tones, it's invigorating to spend time in the lush greens. 
The magnificent Hyde Park is the largest of the four Royal Parks in central London and contains countless walking and biking paths framed by magnificent old trees, the Kensington Palace, one of many British Royal Family residences, the giant Serpentine, a lake home to swans and other water fowl, and the Speaker's Corner, which has long been used as a place for free speech and debate since the 1870s. A picnic on the sunny green lawns of the park, a historical trip to the monuments in place, a stroll by the lake, take some pretty pictures, walk, jog, ride a bike,paddle around in a boat, play some sports, there's plenty of things to do here.
When your hotel's right in the heart of the luxurious shopping sanctuary of London you can't help but set out to acquire your set of shopping bags filled with goodies. I headed out to walk around in the glitzy comfort of high end brands and diverse eateries of Mayfair, Oxford street and Old Bond street.
Stores boasting of top notch brands; eateries, cafes and bars around every corner offering everything from Pret A Manger sandwiches to Leon's burgers to Cafe Nero's consistent coffee to traditional english bars offering fish and chips and beer; newspaper stands, architectural displays, little food carts, theatre show flyers and ticketing booths, the famous London buses and underpasses, even the simplest things here are worth witnessing.
A short walk around my hotel on the Park Lane showed me a petite church filling the air with melodious church bells, an elegant library contributing to London's vibe of heritage while just across from it stood a few boutique stores striking the modernity of the city.
A niche florist flooding every passerby's senses with the fragrance of fresh blooms, all nestled amongst the sophisticated porches and elegant mews of the residences in the area.

To come to London and not experience the fine dining and buzzing nightlife options would be a pity, so I opted to go for a spectacular lunch to Sketch in Mayfair, a destination for food, drinks, music & art, comprising an artist conceived gastro-brasserie restaurant- Glade, the Enchanted Decoupage Forest. The restaurants here are The Gallery, a brasserie; The Lecture Room and Library, a Two Michelin Star restaurant, and The Parlour. And if you thought the awe-inspiring grandeur of this venue ends here, wait till you see the East Bar and Pods, the Space Bars and Eggloos. 

A magical forest. Colourful chandeliers, Painted glass ceilings, Spectacular wallpapers, Neon signs, Chairs wearing ballet shoes, Paint stained- strairs, Hot pink sofas as far as the eye can see- if a restaurant had just a few of these elements, it would be pretty intriguing, but when that place has all of these things and more, and a Mayfair postcode to boast, this restaurant is nothing short of breathtaking! A creation of restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and celebrated chef Pierre Gagnaire, the food here is divine and every inch of it practically begs to be Instagrammed.
Later in the night I wanted to explore the much talked about London nightlife, and what better place to do that than at Toy Room in Mayfair! Toy Room London is quite 'Frankly' an exclusive haunt for the arts, fashion and celebrities set in the heart of West End. An exclusive and intimate boutique venue popularly known to have elegant and stylish interiors that compliment its exclusivity to their members. Wall panels made of leather and brass studs make it look luxurious, mysterious and exciting at the same time. It's vibe is certainly nothing less than the party hub for the elites.
A short evening stroll to the Marble Arch station area is another thing I did on one of my evenings while at this hotel. The Marble Arch is a monument located at the Oxford Street, Edgware Road and Park Lane junction, in Westminster, London, England. The monument is made from Carrara marble. The Marble Arch used to be located in front of Buckingham Palace, but it was moved in the year of 1851. There's some glorious history to marvel at everywhere in this city!