An oasis in the desert, where bigger is always considered better, Dubai is like nowhere else on the planet. Over the past four decades it has metamorphosed to become one of the world’s most glamorous, spectacular and futuristic urban destinations, and yet, despite the modern sheen of Dubai, the city has a 4,000-year-old history and is a window into Islamic and Middle Eastern culture. 
Give in to your wanderlust and come with me on this magical journey as I explore the glorious city that effortlessly magnetizes tourists to a dreamy world of attractions and unheard of luxuries.

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Set foot in the City of Lights and nothing feels better than a walk on the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard- admiring the dazzling city lights, inhaling the breath of fresh air! The boulevard runs all around the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. Lined with hotels, restaurants, cafés, and innumerable palms trees, this is one of the few places in the city where you can explore the surrounding area on foot.

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The Madinat Jumeirah is a complete re-creation of an old-fashioned Arab village. The prime attraction of this spot is the Souk of Madinat Jumeirah, baptized as the “Little Venice” of Dubai. It is a mix of typical Middle East shopping feel, and is packed with stalls that are a combo of branded boutiques, souvenir gift shops, household accessories stores, luxury fashion, jewelry and multi-cuisine restaurants.
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The one thing that makes Dubai stand out it's shopping malls. In particular, the Mall of the Emirates, be it the interior design, the glass ceiling that lets in the golden sunlight, the retail, dinning or entertainment options, this place is a must visit!

The Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple, located right beside a church and a mosque in the midst Jebel Ali, in an area nicknamed ‘Religion City’, is the first official Sikh gurdwara in the entire Gulf. The beautiful multi-storey gurdwara spans more than 25,000 square metres, and is surrounded by a strip of water flowing around the complex, how could one possibly pass the opportunity to experience such beauty and tranquility?

Moving on, having experienced one of the grandest malls on every traveller's wishlist, it was vital that I visit the world's largest shopping mall, the Dubai mall which is touted as a shopping haven. With over 1,000 stores on display and a plethora of intriguing attractions to offer, this remarkable shopping center is romanticized for its enormous size and buzzing attractions- be it the Dubai Fountain at the Burj Khalifa Lake which has an amazing display of waterworks, or the Human Waterfall, which, traversing all the mall's four levels is embellished with artistic fiberglass sculptures of human divers.

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Box Park is an urban lifestyle destination in Dubai offering a selection of unique retail experiences and dining experiences in a hip & offbeat urban setting.

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Every famous city has that iconic structure to remember it by. The Burj Khalifa is Dubai's and deservingly so. The tallest building in the world, this exotic and futuristic structure is a must-visit destination in itself.

Dubai Design District, a commercial fashion district, dedicated to the Emirate’s fashion, design and luxury sectors, is a must visit spot just to to see what the UAE's incredibly creative design community has to offer.

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No trip to Dubai is complete without taking a traditional dhow cruise! To sail across the naturally decorated creek over the smooth blue sea, on a floating restaurant while enjoying a Tanura dance show, what could get better?

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The artificial coast of UAE, Dubai Marina is also the heart of many famous landmarks and various must-visit tourist attractions of Dubai, around the lake, or canal, stretches Marina Walk, an almost 7 km long path, a beachfront paved walkway with 305 outlets and 69 restaurants to keep you entertained with the luxurious view of a stretch of exclusive yachts.

Well if you're taking a stroll at the Marina, then the Jumeirah Beach Residence's beach area would be absolutely foolish to miss. Also called the JBR beach, this is a fascinating place for beach-lovers that is nestled peacefully in the Dubai Marina facing the Persian Gulf. The Walk beckons locals and international travelers with it's eclectic selection of activities and is packed with interesting displays like sand sculptures, street painting, photography displays, comedy shows, and recycled art displays, and not to forget the Splash Pad, the beautiful birds, all truly a feast to the eyes.
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Burj Al Arab. A building becomes iconic when its form is simple and unique. If you can draw a building with a few sweeps of the pen and everyone recognizes not only the structure but also associates it with a place on earth, you have gone a long way towards creating something iconic. Shaped to resemble the sail of a ship, navigating its neighbour Jumeirah Beach Hotel (the one that looks like a sea wave, as some would say), the Burj Al Arab is an iconic luxury hotel, instantly recognizable as the most luxurious hotel in the world. Just a glimpse of this fascinating structure is breathtakingly worth the trip to Dubai all by itself.
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And then, in a world where contemporary is the norm, there stands a project that chooses, instead, to celebrate tradition. Al Seef Dubai is a very new, modern Creekside development in Dubai. Based on the theme of historical Dubai, with an authentic souq based on designs from the 1950s. Harking back to the emirate’s maritime heritage, what you can enjoy here is a floating market, more activities, hotels and waterborne restaurants.
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It is absolutely imperative to visit Dubai and not leave without taking a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque, without getting an introduction to the culture and heritage of the city, and experiencing Dubai’s most prestigious and beautiful Mosque- The Jumeirah Mosque, a beautiful example of traditional Arabesque architecture.

One couldn't possibly leave Dubai without experiencing the Arabian Desert. Sand so fine, it melts through the spaces between your fingers, standing in the middle of miles and miles of sand dunes, taking in the amazing desolate panoramic view. The warm hues in the sand contrasting with the bright azure tones of the sky broken by wispy white clouds, this spectacular sight will have you stepping into one of those desert fables.
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There's something for all types of travellers at the uber trendy La Mer, replacement of the Jumeirah Open Beach – Dubai's beautiful new waterfront development with a boutique Californian vibe, perfect for leisurely brunches and lunches on the seafront, water-sports in the sunshine and unwinding at the beach.
At the Top, Burj Khalifa. From getting on board the infamous high-speed elevator to arriving to an astounding view of brightly illuminated streets, sparkling skyscrapers and the Burj Lake! Magical is an understatement! An exceptional 360 degree panorama of Dubai from the desert to the coast! The indoor observation deck has a view of the iconic man-made islands; The World and The Palm Jumeirah. 
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And then there's some indulgence for the curious child-like traveller inside you too. Aquatic creatures, UAE's night creatures, Reptiles, name it- Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo located at the Dubai Mall gives you a chance to interact face to face with around 33,000 marine animals while soaking in the lively atmosphere of the sea, feeling the incredible surroundings, vivid colours, and the spectacular beauty of marine life.

A city full of cosy teahouses, crowded souks filled with gold, spices and fine Emirati cuisine, a sleek metro that zips like man-made islands, the desert, sea, luxury hotels, fountain shows, audacious architecture, spectacular skylines, fashion and nightlife, flourishing contemporary Arabic art scenes, a multifaceted city full of dreams.