A big shout out to all you seasoned shoppers like me and the new shopaholic babies out there too.. I wanted to explore and share my experiences about all the ways that you can shop luxury these days. I started with Outlet Malls and the Factory Outlets that they host, and what undoubtedly must come next is the most intriguing way to shop, Luxury Online Shopping Sites! If you are a fan of luxury brands and high fashion, you may remember a time when such fancy wares were inaccessible due to geography. If you didn’t live in one of a handful of large cities like New York, Paris, London, or Tokyo, you were forced to travel if you wanted to shop for the high end designer clothing you were looking for. And if you can't travel then most exquisite brands would just remain an unattainable dream for you.. Umm, well, not any more. Now anyone from anywhere in the world can log on to the best luxury websites and get those spiffy goods and chattels sent right to their doorstep.
My pick was LuisaViaRoma. 

Luisaviaroma is a massive luxury shopping site shipping to over 125 countries. This Italy based online store has a wide selection of high end brands. Yes, this spell-binding Luxury Brand website is a haven for fashion lovers, these magical doors open at the touch of your fingers and transport you straight into the fantasy world of Top Luxury Brands from all over the world. You can browse through exclusive selections of all new collections and also avail the exclusive ‘Buy it First’ service which offers clients the possibility to preview the latest new season collection and to pre-order them directly from the runway. And let's not forget the most enchanting sections of them all- the promotions and sales where you get to grab your favourite brands at beautiful steals as this website often offers dream-like discounts of up to 70% off.
Ever since news broke that Marc Jacobs was doing away with his Marc by Marc Jacobs diffusion line and consolidating products under his main label at a variety of price points, I had been waiting to see which contemporary-priced bags they would have up on the shelf. well, the Marc Jacobs Gotham City Saddle Bag was what instantly caught my eye and I just couldn't wait to get on a plane to own this baby! But who needs a plane ticket when you can find all the pieces from the newest lines at your disposal?! 

So with an additional convenience of 'Express shipping and Import fee included', I got my purchase in 2 days straight, no trouble with customs or KYC at all! They also state that items can be returned for a refund within 28 days of the order’s delivery date, I mean, they actually make online shopping a super fun, no hassle experience!

An unparalleled, dream-like shopping experience that lets you discover clothing, shoes, accessories in men's, women's, kids wear, and even covers home decor! Tech-savvy or not, online shopping is sure to become your new fashion fixation!