Hi Everybody!!! So I'd been hearing all this buzz about Outlet malls since forever, and somewhere on the itinerary of my tenth trip to Dubai the same year, I thought the Outlet mall is a must-visit. I wanted to know what the big hype about the factory outlet collection and discounts was, and if it really was worth the trip to the land of discounts. Well, when you talk about factory stores, Coach is the one luxury fashion brand that has absolutely made waves with buyers. 
For Coach first-timers and for those of you out there who don't really know what I'm talking about, here's everything I learnt: there are two origins of Coach handbags, one is the full-priced (FP) Coach Boutiques' collection that you see in huge shopping malls everywhere, and the other is from Coach Factory Outlets, collection specially made for factory (MFF) outlets, such as the Signature Collection, which designs are much simpler and contains less bling. The product assortment in all coach outlet stores is a mix of past seasons' products and new-season products made specifically for these Outlet stores.
How do you tell them apart? Coach Boutiques' style numbers usually begin numerically, say Style No. 24053, etc. On the other hand, Coach Factory Outlets have style numbers usually starting with an "F", such as F36624, (yes, that’s the one i got, Coach Leather Mini Bennett Satchel in Crossgrain- and I absolutely love it) etc. These style numbers are printed on the creed of all COACH handbags. Another thing is that all Coach Boutique items come with a dust bag whereas the Coach Factory Outlet items are without one, unless the product has come from the FP Boutiques. 
Extra trivia? The creed on the inside of your Coach bag gives you more information then you might think. The letters at the beginning of the creed stand for the month that the bag was made in.

A - Jan
B- Feb
C- Mar
D - April
E - May
F - Jun
G - July
H - Aug
I - Sept
J - Oct
K - Nov
L - Dec
But regardless of where your Coach handbags come from, they are provided with a care card and price tag, and also, they are 100% genuine and authentic! Take a trip to almost any of the ‘outlet’ shopping centers popping up all over the world, and you’ll find offers to make you salivate. These out-of-town malls were originally set up to get rid of last season’s stock (or even slightly damaged seconds) at huge price reductions - sometimes even upto 75 per cent. A lot of people seem to think there may be quality differences between boutique items and MFF items. I personally have not had any trouble with my purchases despite using them heavily.
If you're okay with the fact that most of these outlet versions were never intended for sale at the brand's boutiques, then these outlet mall stores are precisely what a shopaholic's dreams are made of! So when it comes to outlet shopping, it pays to be aware. For that fantastic designer bargain you picked up might not be quite what it seems. And it may leave you feeling less than a victor in the shopping wars. All said and done, happy shopping!!