I travel to different destinations every other month and even when I’m in town I spend my entire time shooting or attending events. I’m also (ridiculously) habitual to washing my hair on a daily basis. Needless to say, washing my hair every day means that I have to style it on a daily basis too, and the constant use of heat styling tools takes a toll on my hair’s health, leaving it dry, brittle, frizzy and with split ends every now and then.

So what I recently came across is the BBLUNT Hot Shot HeatProtection Hair Mist For All Hair Types. It shields the hair from damage caused by heat styling tools such as straighteners, blow dryers and curling rods. Just what I need to keep glamming up my hair on a daily basis without worrying about the damage. I now use the straightener or curling rod every day without being scared of burning my hair. It’s reasonable and easily available and so easy to use too! I don’t even smell my hair burning anymore because this protects it. This has become an essential part of my everyday routine and I absolutely love how weightless this heat protection hair mist is. 

What does it contain? The main ingredients are Grape Seed Oil & Provitamin B5. It’s organic & vegan. Sulphate free, paraben free, silicon free, cruelty free, SLS/SLES free and has SPF/UV protection. Want to know how it works? It shields your hair from heat up to 230 degrees Celsius and even helps fight frizz, detangles hair and makes it smell heavenly! And let me tell you how to use it, just spray evenly from root to ends on towel-dried hair or lightly spritz on dry hair before using a blow dryer, iron or tong. So here’s a little something that’s always a part of my hair care routine on a daily basis, something that I wouldn’t ever travel without, and definitely something I recommend you all must try!