Talk about luxury shopping online and most of us are still battling trust issues and prefer going about it the tried and tested, old-school way, which is to shop at an official store as and when we get the chance to go to one. We may be compulsive window shoppers tweaking our shopping bags on an hourly basis, but when it actually comes down to clicking the ‘Buy’ button, there are more things than one that cause us to hold onto the big decision. We all have some trepidation about making that trivial purchase, don't we? To be honest, I was cynical too when I first had to make my Luxury purchase online, but then I decided to take the plunge with Luisaviaroma and bought something that wasn't ridiculously expensive, my Marc Jacobs Gotham City Saddle Bag. I'd be lying if i said that I didn't experience any feelings of pounding in my chest, like rumbling thunder and drums pounding, but as soon as the order was at my door step- in 2 days, without any trouble with customs or hidden delivery charges, my heart quickly turned to doing cartwheels and screaming in euphoria! Beautifully packaged in a Luisaviroma box, the bag came in the original dust bag with warranties and bills attached. No defects at all! And at that moment I knew that I had found my one true love!
Founded by Luisa Jacquin, this company has been committed to fusing innovative aesthetics and classic style. When the online store opened in 2000, it granted access only to a select few, but today, however, not only does the website stock more than 600 luxury fashion brands, but it also serves customers in 9 different languages, and ships to 100-plus countries around the world, receiving more than 4 million unique visitors each month. So how do the company’s buyers decide what to stock? What particular traits do they look for? Browsing the site, it soon becomes clear: distinctive design and attention to detail. Undoubtedly, I prefer purchasing most of my luxury items on my trips abroad, but that doesn't stop me from indulging myself to at least one new addition every two-three months through this website. When they have so many amazing discounts to shop with, how can one not succumb to their shopaholic inner selves?
I’m sure a lot of you have seen my most recent purchase- the Valentino Rockstud Wristlet Clutch in Valentino Red color. This was definitely an investment piece and has added that much needed allure to my collection. But when I was sharing my lookbook and unboxing video for my Luisaviaroma purchases, I realized that a lot of you had so many questions about this website, so here I am, clearing out the most common queries about shopping on Luisaviaroma.
Quality & Authentication:
Perhaps the biggest point of conflict for most of us when it comes to shopping online for Luxury Products is, whether what you’re ordering is an authentic branded product or a very well camouflaged fake. Well I'm here to vouch for this one and tell you that all of Luisaviroma products come with original warranties, authentication tags and boxes/dust bags, so it's as good as receiving your branded purchase over the counter of an authentic boutique (only with an absolutely gorgeous extra boxed and ribbon tied packing by Luisaviaroma itself).

Their shipping is totally free and quick, no extra shipping charges or hidden custom fee or documentation based hassle! None of my orders have taken more than 4 days to reach me and that what I utterly adore about this website. They even offer free returns just in case you didn’t like something you purchased.

I'll tell you from my experience of shopping on international websites that Indian customs can be quite the buzzkill when it comes to receiving your much awaited purchases. However, Luisaviaroma, includes the custom charges in their prices- so what you pay online is all that you need to pay. There will be no additional charges after that point.

I hope I’ve not only eased your worries and answered your biggest questions of all times but also guided you to the most amazing Online Luxury Shopping destination of all time! Believe me, the best thing that 2017 gave me was an introduction to Luisaviaroma. You can watch me unbox my Luisaviaroma beloe if you haven't already. Feel free to write to me about your Luisaviaroma queries and purchases! Happy New Year and shopping guys! Have a fabulous 2018.