Welcome to CHIC DE LA CHIC.

Here’s telling you a bit about me.. I inherited the passion for fashion and writing when I was young. I started off with theatre workshops when I was in 5th grade and held the stage for over five years. As a writer I got published numerous times in various newspapers and online poetry based forums and websites for my writings. Next I hopped onto the wagon to prepare for civil services until the administrative setup started to seem too dull for my rose-coloured glasses! Instead, I switched to Modelling for another five years, which helped me immensely to brush up my personal style. And somewhere in the midst of being my sassy self on the one online community that I've always loved most- yes, that'll be Instagram, I started getting approached by some really voguish brands to associate with them as a Social Media Influencer. And rest is history! Oh and did I mention that I've also been a Business Manager for a Luxury Hotel Chain? And a host and a compère for innumerable live media and corporate events and red carpets. And I’m a Brand Ambassador for a renowned Australian Coffee Chain. I also design interiors, spaces and occasional furniture pieces on order. Girlboss, Jack of all trades, Superwoman- I'm your girl!

I love experimenting with trends, colors, fashion must-haves and personal comfort. CHIC DE LA CHIC is an attempt to give you an insight into fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel from my perspective, showing you the most stylish and elegant ways to dress, travel and live. I've been lucky enough to have collaborated with some really modish brands in my stint with social media influencing so far and I thought the next step should be to share my experiences, reviews, pictures and videos in my own blog with and here show you how all the collaborations and products I feature are a part of my real life too.

Welcome to my life!